Avi to vcd



can anyone tell me why, when I make a vcd from an avi file, it always plays from the vcd upside down and back to front… If it is copyright reasons is there a way around it? as I would like to make backups of my dvd’s onto cd
thanks for the help


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Did you check out one of ChickenMan’s tutorials?


What are you using for the AVI to mpeg conversion?


I’m using nero and just compiling the disk and then using the wizard to complete the burn process. It takes its obligatory 1hr - 1hr1/2 to encode the video… burns in about two minutes… then press play on a vcd/dvd player… no good… upside down and back to front. This happens on both a DVD player and also a software vcd player on my PC.
I have nero set to ‘overburn’ on 800Mb cd-r.

This is crazzy, now everything I download is playing upside down on windows media player… even b4 I burn it. Could it be something with my display settings in control panel? This still wouldn’t explain why its upside down on burned vcd’s though???
Frustrating!!! :a (although i know its a settings fault and not that of the donkey)


What I have used successfully in the past is TMPGenc to convert avi to vcd. It comes with templates and check out
this site

It used to be vcdhelp. It has tutorials for converting everything.
Like realmedia to mpg and that sort of thing