Avi to vcd

i have avi movies that i wolud like to burn them in cd’s (not dvd’s)inorder to play them in my dvd player.

i need a program or any way to convert and burn them wothout losing its high resolution.

(i dont have dvd writer).
thx all.

Check out the tutorials in this forum they are excellent.

By the way, my DVD player will only play VCD’s not SVCD’s, but, w/VCD Easy when I go to burn I can burn the SVCD I made as a VCD 2.0 and it works. Just thought I’d mention it. I guess some other programs would do this as well. I don’t “think” that’s in the tutorials here picked it up somewhere else.

Hi ,

What I’d suggest is encode these Avi’s to VCD’s( if they are low resolution i.e. lower than 480 X 480, can’t explain resolution here) to SVCD’s if they are high resolution(higher than 480 X 480). The program I’d suggest is TMpgenc, because it has an easy to understand Wizard like interface(for anyone). Then like the previous post suggested, I’d use VCDEasy for generating the final VCD/SVCD for greatest compatibility with all sorts of Players(Note: You will still require CD writer to burn the output in VCDEasy, if you dont have that too then this thread is a waste of time). Before DVD’s I burned a ton of VCD’s and SVCD’s(my favorite format, looks as good as a DVD on a player which is SVCD capable).

Hope this helps.