Avi to svcd prob


got a problem
i followed the AVI to SVCD tutorials on this site

I have an AVI with 2.3:1 ratio
I followed the special instructions with the math :slight_smile:
I entered it all fine, hit save and pressed ok
but then i had to enter a .avi file, i chose the same one i chose in the conversion tab of DVD2SVCD
It started, and after an half an hour it was ready, but then everything stopped, i exited CCE, but the DVD2SVCD window freezed

I tried after this problem to edit the paramaters in the frameserver tab, but when its reade to encode it, the video is not in the middle of the screen!

what should i do

Can you post here what GSPOT says about the AVI file please.

If you right click the AVI, go to Proberties/Summary what are its dimensions ?

Have you also checked the AVI with DixFix and/or DivXRepair for errors ?

Here is your requested data:

When i make the calculations out of the tutorial, i get the number 334, which seems fine, i recalculated it several times

The borders should be 121 pixels each in that case.

I have encoded this movie to DVD format too and it works fine.

GRTZ Marco

Thanks for that, but you have calulated as if the avi was PAL, but its an NTSC ( refer to the frame rate abocve, its 23.976 fps - thats NTSC !)

So the calculations should result in :

BicubicResize( 480, 280, 0, 0.6 )
AddBorders( 0, 100, 0, 100 )