Avi to NTSC DVD problem

thanks to chicken man’s nice tutorial i got pretty far on my first attempt to copy an AVI to a dvd.

however, in the authoring phase (using TMPGEnc), right after i click begin out put, i get a dialogue window that comes up saying something like:
my bitrate total (audio + video) is too large.
how can i prevent this?

but a bigger problem might have been that i need an NTSC format DVD and i think that my files were for a PAL format dvd.
so i read on and saw that chickenman had added a post on how to change from pal to ntsc.
this is where i didn’t get very far…
in the framerserver tab of AVI2DVD i clicked the radio button: “edit as part of video encoding” just like it told me to in the post. but when i try it this way, i get the Avisynth Script File window and when i try to make the indicated adjustments, i see that in MY script file, the Lanczos resizer is used instead of the bicubic resize (becuase this is the resize i selected in setup, just like i was told in the tutorial). does this mean that during setup, i should choose the bicubic resize setting instead? or just edit the script file as told anyway?
either way, after i edit/save the script file, the CCE window comes up, and this is where i get lost…because i don’t think the tutorial tells me what to do when it comes up.
also, when the CCE window comes up, i get a message saying my resolution is wrong?
very sorry for the HUGE post…but it’d be great if these few problems could get cleared up…
Thanks very much in advance.

If you think your AVI is PAL, then its best to check it out with GSPOT (an essential tool anyone using AVI’s should have) first to mack sure it is, else it will screw up the conversion (could be a source of "i get a message saying my resolution is wrong? ")

As I say in the tute, authoring with TMPGEnc may give an error about bitrate being exceeded. 2 options, just ignore the error (best solution) or untick the “DVD Compliant” box in the CCE ADvanced window (not the best option).

DVD2SVCD chooses BiCubic Resize by default for AVI conversions and Lanczosresize for DVD conversions. You can use either really, just Lanczosresizer does tend to give a slightly sharper picture but with AVI’s conversions this is hard to see. Editing the script is final, regardless of what you selected earlier.


where might be able to find this “gspot” program? and what would i do differently if i find out my avi is not pal?..
i ask because i’m still not sure what to do during the encoding process when the CCE window comes up and i get a dialogue window that says:
“Frame size 720x620 is not supported. Supported fram size is up to 720x576.”
how might this be solved? if and when this IS solved, what do i do in CCE? or will it do everything by itself?
thanks again

where might be able to find this “gspot” program?

Google search for “GSpot” it’s freeware. Or you can also simply right click on avi file, choose properties, then choose summary it will tell you if it’s 25fps (pal) or 23.976fps/29.?fps (one or the other) is NTSC and no need for manually editing avisynth script. DVD resize should be 720x480 for NTSC.

Get this far and carefully read Chickenman’s Tutorials it will work for you. You must know what type of file you are using first as Chickenman said above. Good luck.

ok thanks, then it is definitely pal.
but i still get

all i’m able to click is “ok”. and then what do i do in CCE?

First you need to tick “edit as part of video encoding” under the frameserver tab. Then when the Avisynth script pops up (after audio is finished) change the 720x576 to 720x480. Then at the end of the script, at the bottom of all the script, type “Assumefps(23.976)” and I don’t think you will get that error message again.

that’s what i typed :frowning:
i keep getting that message…

I assume your using the latest DVD2SVCD 1.2.2 b3 ? and using D2SRoBa (or not) ? Please report what GSPOT says about the Video & Audio and post your avisynth.avs script here as well.

and this is the avisynth script before editing:

Import(“C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Tylo\RoBaConditional.avs”)

I’m a bit of a newb so keep that in mind.

The 720x480 is width and height in pixels that you are trying to change in the avisynth script. When you put 480 (NTSC) in place of 576 (PAL) for your conversion the script added borders {AddBorders(0,70,0,70)} of 70 at the top and 70 at the bottom totalling 620. Maybe you could try 340 which would then total 480 when you add the borders.

I’m justing starting to grasp some of this stuff (thanks to this forum), so I could be wrong.

If I am wrong guys / gals let me know as I would like to know too. I’m curious I guess.


This thread seems to apply.

F-Buckfifty, yes, you basically found the problem. The problem is the borders were not taken into account.

The PAL conversion would have used:


But since there were borders added, for NTSC conversion, this needs to be chaged to


with 360+60+60=480

Thanks for the help ChickenMan.

hopefully this works.
i’m assuming the CCE window won’t cause me any trouble?

If you use the figures I post above you wont have any problems, well not incorrect size problems :slight_smile:

hey sorry to bring this back up, but i need some more help :frowning:

i decided to use QuEnc instead of CCE because i do not want a watermark on my file.
so anyway, i got to this step:

  1. Run a DOS box and move to your Output folder, then run pulldown using the following

pulldown Encoded_video_CCE_PAL.mpv Encoded_video_CCE_NTSC.mpv

now, because i used QuEnc, my file reads:


so in DOS, i typed:

pulldown Encoded_Video_QuEnc_PAL.mpv Encoded_Video_QuEnc_NTSC.mpv

am i to assume this is correct? it makes sense…

but the response i got was:

Unable to open file

And this is where i’m stuck now, any suggestions?
Thanks a lot, ONCE again…

edti- oh yes, when i try to play the files in the VIDEO_TS folder, the audio is not in synch with the video, and the second file barely plays…this seems like something i should be concerned about :frowning: :sad:

Yep your using the right syntac but unless the Pulldown.exe file is in your PATH, then Windows cant find it. Thats why you have the error - Unable to open file. Find Pulldown in a folder where you installed DVD2SVCD and copy it to your folder that contains your *.mpv files your trying to fix. Then type in the line you posted

pulldown Encoded_Video_QuEnc_PAL.mpv Encoded_Video_QuEnc_NTSC.mpv

or you can use pulldown gui http://guiguy.wminds.com/downloads/pulldownbatchfe/

much easier for people just getting started, locate your mpv file like in the pic.

chickenman - that’s what i did :frowning:

super vegeta ss - thanks a lot! i’ll give the gui a try!