Avi to nero dvds and synch problems

i have a couple of recurring problems , one concerns how do you make an avi fit to a blank dvd when nero says it is too big to fit on a disk ( 6 gig ? ) , the other is i am having hit and miss recordings lately on encode and burn using nero 6 , the films are perfect and the sound but the lip synch goes out about 25/30% into the film , i have defragged the drive with films on , not tried a new copy yet however after this , and its a basic long shot at a cure . the original film on the pc plays perfectly so its obviously a transfer glitch on either the hard drive or cd drive i would think ?

cheers for any suggestions anyone can offer :slight_smile:


AVIs don’t play on DVDs. AVIs are for Windows PCs. To get your AVIs onto a DVD you must first convert them to MPEG2 (the DVD standard). Not only that but also you must add the supporting files so that the player knows a little bit more about the MPEGS and how best to play them.

It sounds to me as if you need a DV non linear editor and a DVD authoring tool. Take a look on Pinnacle’s or MediaChance’s sites for examples. These both have entry level systems (you can pay a lot more and get very complex with these things).

Keep in mind that standard DVDs hold less than 4.5Gb of data, so your 6Gb is going to be a bit of a squeeze;) The main thrust of this forum and its kind is concerned with that very problem: that commercial DVDs are too big to fit user writeable blanks. This is what transcoders do - squeeze the files down until they fit.

Good luck!


hi pete

thanks for the response :slight_smile: yes i am aware of the avi format , but nero has actually encoded and burned avi`s to a dvd that i then used to view on my dvd player ( not pc one ) what puzzled me is how some avis have been ok but others have not , and my ideal would be if there was a program to deal withthese avis prior to burning with nero or another program ? but all replies are a welcome thing , thank you for this …

all the best

I have tried using Nero to convert and burn avi’s with no success. I use TMPGEnc to convert to proper mpeg format. Then use TMPGEnc DVD Author to make a DVD volume (Audio_TS/Video_TS folders). Works great

First suggestion, leave Nero for all the burning jobs and leave converting to real encoders.

Secondly, have a read of http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=61142 to show how it can be done to get excellent results.

i have also had this problem with lip synch. i found if you create ‘chapters’ through out the film at 10 min intervals the problem can be resolved. it seems to force the nero encoders to re-refference at each chapter point and you should find the problem is solved