Avi to mpg to vcd

I have tried to make vcd from avi files but all methods are in vein.
All avi are converted in mpg format using TMPGEnc (vcd pal 352*288) and used to burn into vcd using NERO
VCD burned smoothly played in computer but not playing in vcd hardware

player.vcd player not able to recognize it.I am using smasung cd-rw 80.

Then I decided to check the compatibility of my vcd player.I use that

vcd which is playing in my vcd player.I extracted AVSEQ1.dat file from

vcd and use VCDEasy to convert into mpg file.I again use it to burn

using NERO. VCD burned successfully and also played in my vcd player.

If I burn reconverted file (AVSEQ1.dat to mpg)and one my original

avi(which I earlier tried alone) file altogather then it fine both

files are playing smoothly in VCD player.

Where is the problem is any one answers.I use 4x speed to burn.

A few players do not like the mpgs produced by TMPGEnc particularly if you muxed or cut the mpg file with TMPGEnc. Solution is to burn them MPGs with VCDEasy and it will “fix” the file and burn it correctly. I have also found M2-Edit and the Transcoding feature also “fixes” these odd problems using Nero to burn them.

Maybe you can try the software named WinAVI Video Converter http://www.winavi.com/video-converter.htm. In fact, it is a complete solution for video file converting and burning. It can support all most all video format converting. Of course, it can support to convert avi to meg, avi to vcd, mpg to vcd and so on.