Avi to mpg low

i have this avi file of 37mb, with configuration
22 minutes
Width: 320 Height: 239
BitCount: 24
Total Frame: 19560 FrameRate:15.00
SampleRate: 24000 BitRate: 32000
Channels: 1 BlockAlign:1

I want to convert to mpg but with the same resolution
and file size, is not a vcd type. it must be a .mpg file
i try some programs and all make huge files can anyone can help me.?
thanks i’ll appreciate.

Welcome to the forum.

If your avi is a divx or a xvid movie, then it’s impossible to obtain a mpeg file with sizes little as avi files, because mpeg have a lower level of compression. That is the reason why divx had a such great success: it produces files with good quality with lower file sizes than mpeg format.

Also DivX is an implementation of MPEG-4. By MPEG I’m guessing you mean MPEG-1.

Yes. I intended mpeg 1 and mpeg 2. They are bigger (regarding file dimensions) than divx (aka mpeg 4) files.

If you want to customise the bitrate why not go for KVCD (MPEG-1)?