AVI to MPEG: audio out of sequence

Hi guys, maybe someone can help me with a frustrating issue I’m having with cucusoft avi to mpeg converter.

Firstly, it is very slow (any reccoemndations for a better software) BUT most annoyingly, the audio on the film becomes out of sync with the video…it is only a slight delay but enough to ruin the film!!

Anyone know why this is happening and what I can do about it?


Probably wouldn’t bother with that software. Out-of-sync audio is common in a lot of conversion software. For a quick and dirty convert, try WinAVI or VSO’s DivxToDVD (free at the moment). Procoder Express wins every time for me though!

The Film Machine does a fair job, using the free QuEnc encoder.
SVCD2DVD (also does avi to mpeg of all sorts) is also free, using CCE, tmpgenc, Canopus, and I think, bbmpeg encoders.
D.I.K.O is another free one.
CCE is probably the fastest. Canopus is probably best quality (on 2pass VBR), there are quite a few others.