Avi to mpeg = A/V sync problems?!


after searching around for a while and whatnot, i am still uncertain on how to resolve my problem:

I had a series of AVI files with Divx Compression which i wanted to burn as a DVD. I did this using the bundled software (Ulead DVD movie Factory 2 SE) however, i soon realised the Audio and Video were out of sync by about 2 seconds (with the audio trailing behind). The files themselves are perfectly normal usually… its only when looking at the DVD or the ISO where it is out of sync.

Now im not exactly sure what to do here… from what i understand, the problem is the fact that the Video is being re-encoded into MPEG2 from avi… which this program obviously does not like to do.

Should i re-encode the avi’s into mpeg2 before i clip them and burn them? if so, w/ what programs would u suggest (this is my main question)? if not, whats the alternative? (am i completely wrong about everything?)

thx in advance :bigsmile:

Is the MPG out of sync as well? I suspect the AVI is working, but the MPG…
Also, is it for they WHOLE movie, or just part?