Avi to mpeg 2

My trial with tmpgenc has just run out.
I was wondering if there was ant other free programs that can convert from avi to mpeg 2.
when I converted with tmpgnec the file always had .m2v at the end and that what i want to happen with any software you suggest. I’ve tried with tmpgenc DVD source creator, the file is m2v but when I put it on DVD its blank.


What do you want with an m2v file on a DVD? It just contains mpeg2 video…

What do you want with an m2v file on a DVD? It just contains mpeg2 video…

I want an .m2v file becuase its what i’ve been working with before. I always put them on dvdlabpro and them burn them and its the only way i know.

When I put .m2v files on dvdlabpro it always lets you see the preview so i know the files are okay.

How do you install thefilmmachine…

It says its a .rar file and and it comes up with a window asking what I want to open it with?

You have to download a program like winrar.

I’ve downloaded it know and as far as i can tell it does’nt actually create an MPEG 2 file. The Menu editing is also poor, is there any way to put those files onto a program like dvdlab where I can create a better menu?

If what i’ve just decribed is a bad idea, could you tell me a better way of getting my Avi files on to a DVD. I normally get about 6 files onot one DVD5 if thats any help…


TFM is for free, dvdlab is not!

You get a 30 day free trial with dvdlab, thats why i’m using it!

Could you by any chance answer the question?

Why did you just open another new thread about this??

It’s not appropriate according to the forum rules.

dvdlab and also TFM will create mpeg2 dvd compliant files and structures if used properly.

erm… yea, thats kinda why i started this topic.
I want someone to tell me how to make the DVD compliant mpeg2 files.

“I want…” sounds only childish.

If you want something you have first to put some self-effort into it - precisely here: reading the FAQ and using SEARCH. :bigsmile:

Well… I am a child.

I’ve read the FAQ and i’ve used search but i still have no answers?

So, again.
Can someone please tell em how to convert my avi files to .m2v with out using tmpgenc?

Just visit doom9.org and videohelp.com

You could use DVD2SVCD. It’s free and comes with it’s own encoder & will create an mpg file and the separate m2v & audio files. It will go on to create an image for burning but that can be switched off.
Get it here

It’s not the simplest of apps but neither is it particularly difficult. When installing it’ll ask if you want the D2SRoba front end. The answer is Yes. You then run it from this front end.

I know the WinAVI video converter can convert avi to mpeg2 with very high quality and speed. And also it can burn to VCD/SVCD/DVD.You can have a try: