AVI to MPEG-1/VCD format, then burn to DVD+R

I’ve had experience burning .DAT/MPEG-1/VCD files to DVD+R using TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6.
In that case, I can have up to 6 movies in a DVD.

Now, I want to burn AVI files to DVD+R as well and play it in my DVD player.
Plz recommend a converter.
I found this AVI to DVD Converter:

Simple interface:

Seems easy to use, but I’m not sure bout the converted quality, has anyone tried it?
Also, what is tat Quality(%) field for? Should we set to 100%?
It wasn’t explained in the help file at all. :confused:

The conversion process which I figured out:
AVI --> MPEG-1/VCD(using AVI to DVD Converter) --> DVD-VIDEO(using TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6.)

Is there a simpler way?

Another question is, should I choose MPEG-1 or VCD?
I dun want to convert to DVD straight away, since the quality of the source file is not good enough.

I’m more concern bout quality, can TMPGEnc converter produce better quality than this kind of simple converter?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Another way is to encode to PAL(Low Resolution) with TMPGEnc.

Another concern of mine is, the source file is 23.976fps, if it is converted to 25fps.
What will happen?

I use a program called DVD Santa to convert my avi files to DVD. It works great


Now to answer all your queries, VCD and Mpeg1 are the same except VCD has some extra info( called padding) and will probable have the extension .dat so you can make a VCD out of it(but they are identical).

Now instead of doing a 2 step process have you tried doing it in a single step i.e. choosing DVD(with appropriate TV system). I bet the output would be identical to what you are doing right now. B’coz whenever you re-encode(which is what you are doing) you lose quality, not improve it.

As far as the quality setting goes, you should always select the highest quality(100%) when you want a DVd output.

Everyone I know uses the Tmpgenc Plus b’coz it gives the best quality(when you do in one step, not two i.e directly to dvd) but for how to use Tmpgenc you should probably see the conversion guides given in the forum as it will be like re-inventing the wheel to explain it here.

PS: I havent use the proggie you used. I’ll try it out when I have some free time. But the quality Rule is always “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. Remember that.

The source file is 23.976fps.

According to this guide:

If the fps is 25.000fps, you should select DVD - PAL and if the fps is either 23.976 or 29.97, you should select DVD - NTSC.

I think my TV is a PAL system.
But my DVD player plays both PAL and NTSC.
So should I continue with the DVD - NTSC selection? :confused:


YES. NTSC is the correct choice.

Unicorn, I haven’t understood. If you choose DVD doesn’t TMPGenc try to encode the VCD movie in a huge, useless way (VCD --> DVD; garbage in = garbage out)? I thought TMPGenc’s ‘Low Resolution’ was the correct choice!

Get DVDLab, and author your mpeg-1/VCD’s directly to dvdr.
VCD aspect ratio is dvd spec compliant, and DVDLab will transcode the audio for you.
You can fit about 8 VCD’s on one DVDR, with no re-encoding.