AVI to MP3 (audio only)


What I’m trying to do - overall summary.
I’m trying to record tv shows using my computer, then extract the audio only and put it on my mp3 player.

My Setup
I have an ATI-All in Wonder, a Windoze PC, and an archos jukebox.

What I know so far
I can set the AIW to record the show. I get many many choices for format.
I can make it an AVI, and tell it to use MPEG Layer III (not AAC).

I can make it an MPEG I or MPEG II and I assume it uses Mpeg I for audio, although I can’t tell.

My Specific Question
What I need to know is if there is a command line tool to demux an AVI file when the audio encoded part of the file is already MP3? All I need is something to split it and then I’ll be set. Of course, I’d like it to be command line so that I can script it and run it overnight.

Currently I’m doing this:

[li]record as what ATI calls mpeg 2.
[/li][li]bbdmux nameoffile.mpg 0xc0 nameoffile.mp2
[/li][li]lame nameoffile.mp2 nameoffile.mp3
[/li][li]delete mpg, mp2, copy mp3 to device. etc…

What I’d like to do is take advantage of the fact that the ATI-AIW will record in mp3 and just do this"

[li] record as avi with mp3 encoded audio stream
[/li][li] seperate the mp3
[/li][li] delete, copy, etc…

Do any of you know if I can do this? I think ffmpeg might do it, but everything I’ve read seems to talk about converting from AAC to MP3. I’m already in MP3.



I am not sure what software it is that you wanna use for this procedure. Whenever i wanna do something similar i simply extract the audio as wav with VirtualDub and then encode it as mp3 to a bitrate of my liking.

Of course there is dedicated software out there that can do it diretly to mp3 such as this one i guess


totally agree.