Avi to iso

Hi. can anyone help me convert an avi file to an iso. pls?
Thanks lm

If you have nero, simply select “image recorder” as burner and save as ISO instead of NRG

i dont have nero ive got sonic record now. When i go to burn imagae to disk it only lets me burn iso and the files are avi so i need to convert the avi files to iso files. Any software to do that?

There are plenty of apps that’ll do this.

ConvertXtoDVCD, Winavi, DVD Santa are some plus with Nero you get NeroVision. Might be worth getting Nero 6 from ebay or similar.

arite cheers

Maybe there is a mistake. An ISO file is basically like a RAR archive that still contains AVI files unchanged in any way. So, creating an ISO file doesn’t require any conversion.

What do you want to do exactly?

It said when i tried to burn an avi to a dvd that it needs to be an iso?

I have an avi on my computer and i want to burn it to a dvd so it works on a normal dvd player. How can i do this?


By converting it, start reading the guides.

what guides?

Try to take a look here



AVI2DVD - freeware. Worked fine for me.

thank u very much fidleC!!!

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for anyone else interested: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Avi2Dvd.htm