Avi to ISO then DVD Burn?


Question for you guys…can I convert an avi file to an ISO file (using Cheetah DVD) then burn the ISO to a DVD - will it play in my standalone DVD player which is Dvix compatible? I’ve had some issues with avi to data disk lately and want to try something new.

Also, there are 2 avi files, is there a way I can put them together or set up the dvd so it just plays one after the other?

Thanks so much

Why do you need iso? just convert avi to DVD with DVDFlick or FAVC, ConvertxtoDVD and burn…I just started using SVCD2DVD, and it looks pretty cool thus far for joining avi’s to one authored DVD… checkout the tutorial and great deal being offered at the moment…:slight_smile:

I don’t see why not just burn them to CD/DVD and watch. Heck with the converting. Build .iso with ImgBurn and burn it.

Hey rolling56, you’re right , thats the way to do it, why convert!.. :iagree:

First of all if your dvd player supports Dvix, then as rolling said burn them to dvd as data and place it in your dvd player and watch. One thing that you should be aware of is the codecs that are contained within the avi. Why you ask, well because there is a possibly that you could burn these to disk and you might get a picture but no sound or vice versa. This is because one of the codecs in the avi be it audio or sound is not compatible with your dvd player. You have to make sure that you have the right ones.

This tool is great in helping you identify the codecs contained within a audio or video file. Drag and drop the file into the program.

GSpot v2.70a

Link: http://headbands.com/gspot/

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Burn the both avi to a data DVD and put it in your DIVX compatible player.

Thanks everyone. It was taking way too long to convert to DVD, so I did just burn the avis to a data DVD and play that way. It worked great.

I’ve been using gspot for a few weeks now, which is a great little program - but I’m still a little confused about what kind of codec my DVD player can play. Some avi worked, and some did not (audio, video or both) sometimes it won’t even recognize the disc.

Is there a way to figure this out…and how can I change the audio or video so it will play?

This is why I wanted to convert to DVD, thinking I would have a better chance of having it play in the DVD player.


use mediainfo to check the characterisitics of avi’s before you burn

unfortunately there’s a lot of crap out there

Writing application : MEncoder for Vista

here’s one that won’t even play right on my computer, probably an ipod file