Avi to dvd

What is the best program to use to convert avi to dvd?

Hi schilfy welcome to the forum, You can use a program called “FX MPEG Write” it also has Tutorials on how to convert Avi to MPeg and is located here http://www.jhepple.com/default.asp
or a program called “Easy Video Converter” that can also split, join and convert to most media formats from here http://www.amigoshare.com/index.html both the programs are easy to use, it’s best to first read the help files that are in the programs to get a idea on how to use it, but if you get stuck just feel free to ask, there are lot’s of members only to happy to help you out. :iagree:

I’ve actually been having very good success with NeroVision Express 2. It’s latest incarnation is very stable and doesn’t crash from what I can tell. I tried with a couple movies I had made DVD-Rips of before and have gotten 3 movies on 1 DVD while retaining pretty nice quality depending on the size of the flick. It’s worth checking into at least. :slight_smile: