I’m sure this is discussed somewhere in the forums so can someone please point me in the right direction…

How do you burn AVI files to DVD so that they will play in stand alone DVD Players?

Use DVD Flick to convert your AVI’s to DVD for free. Here is a guide:


Thank you


You are very welcome…enjoy.

ConverXtoDVD offers a free trial

ConvertXtoDVD is an excellent conversion program and faster than DVD Flick too, but beware as the trial version leaves a watermark. If you like the program and decide to buy it the watermark will no longer be included on your new projects.


Buy a Philips DVD Player 642 this DVD Player plays any video burned to a CD/DVD!!

[QUOTE=CCRomeo;1936592]ConverXtoDVD offers a free trial[/QUOTE]

I really like ConvertX…well worth paying for IMO. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I got convertx to dvd. Works great.