Avi to dvd?

How do I burn an .avi file to a dvd that can be played in any stand alone player? To I need to convert it to some other file type? What file types are DVD players able to play? Also, whats the standard file type for dvds? Thanks.

i’m sure everyone here will give you a different answer…
i use WINavi and convert it to .vob and then burn it using
DVD Shrink…it has never failed me …so i’ve not tried anything else

i used WinAVI VideoConverter to Convert AVI to DVD Form . Not sure on the File Type they can play Still new to this LOL I have thread if u migh could help me if u know now I hope your get your converted and Also I used DVDFab Decrypter 3 to Decrypte DVD movies Good Luck hope I helped you some

And yet more, DVD Flick, Super, ConvertXtoDVD ,FAVC…Have fun!!!

Here it is :

Pretty much all these Apps work.

ImToo Avi To DVD
Xilisoft Avi To dvd

Those are the major ones. You just got to find out what works best with you.

If I have a mpeg-2 file, do I just create a data dvd? Or do I need to use a program to burn it so it can play in any player?

You can burn the MPEG-2 format directly into DVD disc.

use nero vision express to burn mpeg2…

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