Avi to dvd

First of all, let me say hi! I’m kinda new to all this and have got a real problem that’s driving me nuts!!

Every time I try and convert an avi to dvd it eventually hangs my pc during the recoding process!

I use nero 6 and have updated all the relevant bits…ie…firmware for DVD, bios etc…have tried writng to the hard drive but with the same result. Has anybody come across a similar problem???

I’ve an abit kv7 m/board, athlon2500 processor if that’s any help


Hi delboy,
I’m not sure about nero, but I’d try avi2dvd, or convertxtodvd ,the latter being the best /easiest,but not free…

Try to download Nero version and use it as trail version for 30 days and see if that resolve the issue you might have conflect problem with plug ins in your Nero version 6 you are using.

You might as well download avi2dvd freeware to try first.
Both AVS video tools, convertxtodvd can convert AVI to DVD, but it is NOT free.

have tried using avi2dvd, with the same result as nero, tried to download the various codecs but still it freezes every time…

Give me more specs for your system. For video encoding, it is recommended to have 1gb of memory, and two HD’s. One for software, and one for data. When it hangs, can you do a ctl/alt/del and see if you cpu is at 100% or not. Have you tried booting into safe mode, and then encoding. Does this happen on more than one avi file, or are you trying the same one.