Hi guys, I’m trying to burn a trailer in AVI format.
And when i convert it to DVD using Super Video Converter, the resolution seems to change… is there are way to burn AVI’s to DVD without changing it’s resolution?
And also, is there are way to burn videos into a DVD but with a size that of a VCD? thanks a lot guys.
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DVD results from Mpeg2 DVD compatible files (you see them as .VOB extension files under VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD) and .avi files can be quite dif types of files resolution wise.
So final effect depends on your source plus the rendering to DVD, and this depends on the used Codec, bitrate, number of passages, etc.
The software you use can allow you to define your project in dif ways and giving you dif degrees of flexibility.
DDVD specs are:
Frame Size: 720x480 (NTSC) or 720x576 (PAL)
Frame Rate: 29.97 frames/second (NTSC) or 25 frames/second (PAL)
Video Data Rate: 4~8 Mbps CBR or VBR (Constant/Variable Bit Rate)
Audio Settings: Stereo, 48 kHz and 192~384 kbps MPEG audio

As VCD uses Mpeg1 and specs are dif - smaller image size - you can’t burn videos into a DVD this way as it will not be a DVD .

Maybe you want to say to burn VCD size video files to a DVD disc (just the support/media not the video format) - that you can do as you can burn other data to it as a “data DVD”, but I doubt it will autoplay if you insert it to a home DVD player even if it supports VCD, as the player will expect VCD to be burnt to a CDr disc.

But you can have a look at www.videohelp.com where you’ll find info on products and user guides to a lot of video related tasks.

um, what software should i use to convert avi to .dat?

Try the following: