Avi To DVD

I am trying to burn avi files in a DVD, at least 4 files in one 4.7GB DVD, but I can’t add more than two files.

I am using Nero7.

What I am trying to burn is 4 episodes of a tv show called One Tree Hill for my girlfriend and also LOST (in two different DVD’s.

Can you help me.

I saw some blank dvd’s with a EP mode for 4 hours, but I heard that EP mode does not exist on DVD, is just adjust something but I give up, I don’t found an option for Nero, no posts, etc.

Please help me.

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Probably the problem is that nero is trying to convert avi movies in video DVD, i.e. into vob files. Vob files are bigger than avi, so space on a single layer disc it’s not sufficient.

When you try to burn, what type of compilation are you selecting? Are you selecting “video DVD”?

To burn avi on a disc, you should select “Data DVD”, because in this way nero will not try to do any conversion.

I’m using the option under “Create a DVD”…

If I burn the AVI files using “Data DVD” option, will I be able to see them on a DVD player?

You can watch avi movies on a standalone only if the standalone is able to read also AVI movies.

If your player is not able to read avi movies, then you must do the conversion into video DVD (aka convert avi into vob files).

Because of vob files have a lower compression level than avi, it’s inevitable that you can’t fit more than one or two movies on a single disc.

You should be able to fit about 2 1/2 hours of TV at decent quality onto a DVD. If these episodes are 1 hour long then you might squeeze 3 on.

You always have the option of telling Nero that you are burning to a DL DVD (8.5gb), let it add 4 episodes & then compress the result to fit a 4.7gb disk with , say, DVD Shrink.

It’s very hard to get Nero to convert to the specific size you’re after so sometimes going oversize & then compressing is the best way.

Can you explain me more how do I do the compressing thing?

What I don’t know is how do I save the files to compress them later, should I save the project? or is there any other metod?

You need to use Nero Vision & Make Movie. Add , say, 4 episodes to the project & take it from there. It’s then Make DVD with Edited Movie & DVD-Video. Not sure what happens with menu options to the episodes as I don’t use Nero for this.