Avi to dvd?

Here is what I got…30 cartoons for my daughter recorded in avi.

What I want to do is to combine them in episodialorder into 1 file & convert to DVD.

I have DVD Santa that will handle the conversion OK. But how do I combine muti avi’s into 1?

How about converting the avi’s to DVD and then combine them into one using Nero Vision Express or DVD Shrink. Then you could merge them into one title using VOBEdit and IFOEdit to get rid of the slight pausing between clips.
It just might get the job done the way want.

I also understand that some use VirtualDub to merge the AVIs.

What are VOBEdit and IFOEdit

The simplest way is with virtualdub. Use the “append” command to join two or more avi.

Great What Is Virtualdub?

Virtualdub :slight_smile: