Avi to DVD?



Hi everyone :slight_smile:

:o Alright so I hate to do this to you all but…

I downloaded some movies that are in .avi file. I want to burn them onto a DVD to watch on my TV. Not that simple! I have sonic record now, but I don’t think I have the feature to do so. Then I downloaded CDburnerxp pro3. What do I need to do to get it onto the flippin DVD to play in my DVD player. I have been trying to find an answer that I can understand on the internet, and found you guys here. I KNOW, I know I should do a search of the forum cause I’m sure you have all answered this a gazillion times, but when I do a search it says page cannot be displayed, cannot find server, DNS error. So I just want to know, if anyone can put it in steps for me, or suggest some software (prefably free), I would be forever grateful :bow:

So sorry for getting on anyones nerves, but thanks!


You can download a trial of Nero 7 ultra edition and it will convert any video to dvd format if you want it to.


And thats it? no steps or converting to mpeg2 files or other stuff… Just download this program and it will do it?
thank you.


I havn’t tried it since the two updates, but I don’t think that chaged that part of the program.


WinAVI Video Converter can convert avi to dvd pretty good, and also, it support to burn too, but it is not a freeware. Anyway, you can download a free trial version to try.
Btw, you can learn some more details from http://www.winavi.com/avi-to-dvd.htm


Also convertxtodvd or the previous divxtodvd, dvdsanta there’s a lot of stuff have a look at http://www.videohelp.com/


The FilmMachine is another option.