Avi to dvd?

i hav downloaded sum anime and would like to burn it onto a dvd so that i could watch it on my dvd player. Each file is about 200MB i was wanderin if i should convert them to svcd or to convert them to dvd, but i hav no idea how to do either…

ps i tried to use tmpg (or wateva it’s called to try and encode the files but it doens’t work, doesn’t work with nero either) I was wanderin if there was an easy way because i dont wanna hav to sychronize the sound for every episode…there are like 100…

with avi u can just drag and drop in nero express to vcd and it will play in a dvd player if urs plays vcd’s. and the same if u do it with dvd.just try better media if it woulnt play and keep it at like 4x speed only.

the thing with nero is it has to convert…this takes like 4 hours and then it gets stuck on like 70% converting!!!

Have you had a read in the Tutorial section ? All your answers are in there.

i hav read the tutorial and i noe that u hav to extract the audio from the avi file but is there no other way?? I got lots of short clips to do so it might be a little troublesome…

If the avi fits on one cd it shouldnt take 4 hours. and time i put a movie or what ever on vcd it is dam quick burnin at 4x takes longet than for it to convert lol

not on 1 cd on one dvd…

“i hav downloaded sum anime” can you load one of them into latest GSPOT and report what it says about the Video & Audio.

4CC: Div3 Name: DivX 3 Low-Motion
Stat: Codec not installed (but i can play it on my comp…)
Bitrate:936 kb/s FPS:23.976 Qf:0.127 bits/pixel


Name:0x0055(MP3) ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Stat: 2 compatible codecs
Bitrate:125 kb/s (62/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.91 Fs:48000 Hz

thx 4 helping guys!!

I’d suggest you un-instal what ever DivX and Xvid codec you currently have and download & install the 2 I recommend in the DivX to DVDR Tutorial.

ok i’ll try…

ok i’ve reinstalled all codecs and i am now able to convert using TMPGENC!!! Yay!! I havnt tried it yet but i will in a few days, i hope this works out. But if i use tmpgenc to convert wat should i convert to?? Wat’s the highest quality possible without making the file more than twice its size or wateva…

The files will grow in size, divx/xvid’s are highly compressed while MPEG2 is not so.

ok i tried encoding…the video is pretty bad and there is no sound…

the original is very good, like at least svcd standard…

What seetings did you use in TMPGenc, what was the Motion Search Precision in Settings set to? If its not on “Highest Quality (very slow)” then I wouldnt even bother.

Edit: TMPGEnc doesn like VBR MP3 audio, so thats probably your no audio problem. You need to extract the audio out with Nandub and manually convert to MP2 (with BeSweet, etc)

neway other than that?? Is there a simple all in one program to get the audio working? And i retried converting again, this time to SVCD, and it didn’t turn out properly. The color was all messed up.

Try either DVD2SVCD (there is a guide in the Tutorial section), MainConcept, The FilmMachine, DVD Santa, etc etc. All these will convert an AVI to SVCD.

ok thx i’ll give dvd2svcd a try

ok dvd2svcd is good it produces good quality video with sound, but…it takes way too long. It’s like 1 and a half hours to encode 20mins

Did you use the D2SRoBa options, its twice as quick than a normal Multi VBR 1 Pass. Set it up in batch mode and let it convert while your asleep, at school, at work or all 3. :slight_smile: