AVI to DVD works. Why not MPEG to DVD?


I can successfully create a DVD using AVI files, but I can’t using MPEGs as my source files.

What I tried:

Using Pinnacle Studio (and a USB Moviebox capture device), I captured VHSC video to MPEG (MPEG-2, Audio – 48,000, MPEG Audio Encoder). For weeks, I tried using Studio and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 to edit and combine captured files, create menus, and then burn DVDs, but they all have severe jerking/stuttering in the audio and video.

Then, based on a thread I read on this site, I used Studio to edit/combine the files and then export/convert the edited file to an AVI file (DV AVI, Audio – 16 bit, 48,000, PCM Compression). I then used Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 to edit the AVI file and then create a DVD, and it plays with no problem.

It seems however, that the video and audio from the converted AVI are of a lesser quality than those from the MPEG (if you overlook the stuttering/hesitation).


I’ve been working on this for weeks now and am about to give up as far as improving the quality. I would be grateful for any suggestions or comments as to how I might make the MPEG conversion work or improve the quality of the AVI conversion.



I dont have any suggestions, sorry, but I was wondering what you used to write avi. files to a dvd because I cant. I use nero 6 but it doesnt work. Hope you get you problem sovled and hopefuly you will help me.

Nerovision Express makes DVD video discs out of AVI files. I use it all the time. Nero Burning ROM only burns data; it doesn’t create it.


I’ll send a private message detailing what I’ve tried although I don’t my experience will be much help to you.