Avi to dvd, with toast for mac

I have a mac and I am using toast to try to burn avi to dvd and when i try to move the file over i get an error: required codec is missing (XVID) I can watch the avi in QT with no problem so I do not understand what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

I’m not sure what you mean by “move the file over”. Are you just burning the video as an avi or are you converting it to the standard DVD format? I haven’t used Toast in a while but I like the freeware app Burn, http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html. Give it a try and see if you get the same error. Maybe the XVID codec needs to be placed in the Toast folder somewhere, as I’ve said, I haven’t used Toast in quite a while.

Why don’t you convert that “avi” first?
Of course you must install the xvid codec first.