Avi to dvd with menus

im a newbie so if this is in the wrong place sorry.i have a few episodes in avi format and would like to know if i could convert these to dvd but have a menu so i could select which one to watch first instead of having to forward thru the lot first. i have heard nero vision express does this but i havent got that on my nero. is there any other program out there that i could use. and that is easy enough to use.

I’d recommend TMPGEnc DVD Author.

I have that and have used it to do one menu for a single film but i cant seem to work out how to do it for say 4 episodes on one dvd. is it along the same lines

And why didn’t you read the HELP included into the program then?

sorry i didnt read the HELP . iwill just go and punish myself

I got no idea how to help you mate but hey its the newbie forum right??
So there’s a saying chef , its better to stay quite and let people think your a smart arse then actually typing a reply like your last one and confirming it.

The program I use to put AVI’s onto a DVD with menu’s is Nero Vision. This will take in your AVI files and allow them to be converted into DVD format and produce a basic menu for them.

Is using the included HELP tutorial/function in a program that hard when you are using the tool already? I think not. :rolleyes:

This tools is really the easiest way you can create menus and all that stuff.
If it weren’t I wouldn’t have mentioned it or had explained the necessary steps then.


Hint: In SOURCE SETUP, create more than 1 track.