AVI to DVD with DVDSanta Help

Hi everyone,

I’m not the most technical person by any means and do not really understand DVD files etc.

Anyway, my problem is, I have several TV episodes in AVI file format on my PC that I want to convert to DVD to watch on a stand-alone player. I purchased DVDSanta, converted enough episodes needed to fill a DVD disk into the VIDEO_TS folder, however once I burn the seven episodes to disk (through Santa) only one episode appears to have copied. I’ve tried this a number of times and still only one episode is on the disk, and not always the same episode.

I’d be really greatful if anyone could help, i’ve tried checking help pages etc but still not luck.

Thanks Dave

So you are doing each video seperately to seperate VIDEO-TS folders, then using nero to burn all of these to a dvd? If that is so, you will have problems, as the vob files will have the same file names. If you search these forums, there is information on how to accomplish what you want. I would help, but I don’t use that procedure.

U absolutely should try xilisoft avi to dvd converter ! u can import several avi files to it,then just need to click one button to complete the creation of DVD. Each avi is an independent title in successful DVD. U can also add menu for DVD, thus u could choose any title u want to watch conveniently.