Avi to Dvd with Chapters & Menu?



Ok, I have 1 AVI file, lenght is about 2h30 mins size will be about ~500Mb… and a few short clips (about 6-7) wich are ~10mb

I would like to convert it on a Dvd, with a Menu where you would see screen shot of different chapters and where you could select either to play the whole file from start to finish or a ‘‘select a scene’’ feature where you chose where the viewing starts… Menu would look like this:

On dvd start you would see 2 different options (Main, Extras)
Under ‘‘Main’’ two different options (Play all, Select a scene)
‘‘Play all’’ plays the whole 2h30 from start… duh
‘‘Select a scene’’, let’s you start from one of the 14 chapters I would chop the big file into…

Under ‘‘Extras’’ you could select one of the 6-7 short clips…

Mostly any informations related as to HOW TO do all of this would be appreciated, wich programs work best for this kind of work… and it’s a one time thing so cheap shareware or freeware please, nothing professional… juste need to get the thing done.


All that you are asking, isn’t something that we can just tell you to do, and then you can go do it. Video editing is complex, and there is specific terminology, and procedures that need to be learned. Try going to www.videohelp.com, and browse the forums for awhile, then check out there tools section which has a variety of free or nearly free tools. Then if you have problems or specific questions, you can either ask them there, or come back here and ask.