AVI to DVD via TMPGenc - No Audio. Help please


I am trying to convert/encode an .avi file to DVD, using TMPGenc Plus, but there is no sound (picture is fine).

I have read a number of similar “cases” in your forums, and I have used VirtualDub & Goldwave to split the audio into a .wav (which plays back fine), then “add” that into the audio part of TMPGenc, but it makes no difference - still no sound … The .avi plays fine with video & audio through Windows Media Player, DivX Player & VLC Media Player … when I try with TMPGenc, it disappears again …

I used G-Spot on the avi & got this about the audio …

[b]Audio Format:
Code: 0x0055
Vendor: ISO/MPEG

The following codecs should both capable of processing this format:

–> {Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec (advanced)}
–> {MPEG Layer-3 Decoder}[/b]

What (if anything) am I doing wrong?

Why do you use also goldwave? Virtualdub is sufficient to split audio and video parts of the movie. Maybe is an elaboration of wave file with goldwave that cause problems to tmpgenc.

Simply use virtualdub to save uncompressed wav and use this file directly on tmpgenc