.avi to dvd...something strange



Something weird is happening…i have been using super dvd creator 8.5 to burn d/l’d .avi files to dvd…it converts the .avi and then burns to dvd in one program…on a whim, i just decided to see what happened if you just burned the .avi files to dvd using nero “make your own dvd video”…guess what…it worked…and the video came out better…how did it work w/o going thru the conversion process? What am I missing?

Thanks for any input…


D/L’D avi files… ehrm.


Well it could be something completely innocent, I have family all over the globe and they send me avis of family occasions using “you send it” which I have to dl before converting to send to the rest of the family to watch :wink:


And an output as a dvd-video without conversion! :eek:


It could, well, it could be so many things. Really.


Depending on how long the process took maybe Nero did convert the file. It could also be you have a player that plays avis.


Nero Vision will do this. I have a player that plays AVI’s . I convert these files with Nero Vision so my wife can play them on her Apex player. Short AVI’s don’t take long , but a 700 meg AVI takes about 1 hr 30 min. However , the DVD comes out great !


to tell you the truth it does convert it and if you notice it takes longer.