AVI to DVD results in weird playback fault

Hi folks…

I tried searching for this in the forums, but since I don’t know what keywords to type in, I’m at a loss. Hopefully someone here will recognize the problem I’m having.

I converted an AVI video file to DVD format using Nero Vision, then burned to DVD (also with Nero). I have done this a hundred times with everything set to “Automatic” without a problem until now.

When I try and play the burned DVD disc in our DVD player on our standard 4:3 CRT TV, the video looks “zoomed in on”. All the sides are missing at least part of the video. I should say, the video isn’t missing - it’s like it’s too big and so is off the sides of the screen. The left side is the worst, missing about 5cm of video off the side of the screen.

It’s not the settings on our DVD player, as I have tried playing the DVD disc on all of them:

4:3 Pan Scan
4:3 Letterbox

And when I play the burned DVD on either of our two computers (using software such as Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player), it plays fine.

It’s like there is something weird about the way it was originally encoded. Something both computers are resizing automatically, but that the DVD player cannot.

Any ideas!?