AVI to DVD-R Disc



hey sorry if there is a load of questions on this topic. if there are already can someone link me, but all i would like to know is:

i have movies, and they are all like between 600-700mb in size.

they are all AVI files.

I have a load of DVD-R disc which are 4.7 gig i think.

now what must i simply do, to get those movies on there, for me to be able to watch them on a normanl standard dvd player?

am i using the wrong discs? what software must i get?

any help would be appreciated

many thanks



ConvertXToDVD works well for me. Very EZ to use, but can be slow.



I just started using this Free program last week and have done about 5 .avi to dvd conversions. All play excellent. I can not believe it is free, but it is.