AVI to DVD - quality loss via CCE to DVD Lab Pro

When transferring from AVI to DVD is there no way to avoid the quality loss, which is significant?

From the AVI I use Cinema Craft Encoder to create MPA & MPV files to be used in DVDLab Pro (for menu addition); DVD Pro then creates the VOBs.

There’s no quality loss authoring in DVD Lab Pro from mpv & mpa files. All it’s doing is muxing the 2 files together.

How many passes are you doing in CCE?

That’s good to hear. The loss of quality must occur, then, in CCE. Of course, I have to use CCE before DVD Lab Pro because the latter cannot read in AVI files.

In CCE my Encode setting says that I am doing MPEG-2 (ES, one pass CBR). Does that make sense to you?

I’d suggest that you get DVD2SVCD from here and install the D2SRoba front end & run it through that. This should give you quality matching at least a 3-pass CCE run with variable bitrate in about the same time it’s taking you now.

And no , a single pass in CBR is not the best way to go.

Thanks, downloading.

With CCE is it the case that the more passes, the better quality output?

After 3 passes with CCE you will see negligible improvements. There may be a little, but not worth the time.

I don’t agree with TimC’s assessment of DVD2SVCD’s quality, but it is best to try these things for yourself and see if they meet your requirements.

I use ProCoder2 for this process, 2 pass vbr usually.

Edit: I don’t think I was clear—3 passes with CE will improve your output considerably, but running more than 3 you will get diminishing returns.

Certainly is. With what I’ve advised you a noticeable improvement in quality should be seen.

What bitrate are you encoding the files to? That would definately affect the quality.

Bitrate is 6,000 k/bits per second. Is that low?

Just let D2SRoba do all that for you.

To use DVDLab Pro with this you need to not create an image and not delete files. You’ll then get a mpg file and also the elemental streams. Use the mpg if you’re using mp2 audio but the elemental streams with AC3. Also with AC3 don’t convert the audio stream.

I’m not sure I can use D2SRoba, Tim. It looks way to complex for me, I’m afraid.

The D2sRoba bit is easy, just use it as it is.

The DVD2SVCD looks far more complicated that it really is. The things I’ve mentioned are all you really need to change initially.

All I ever did with mine was move the output folder settings to folders I defined, flagged no image & do not delete files, plus the audio thing when you’ve got AC3.

Have a go with it before throwing in the towel.

Being that most recommendations are to encode at between 8000 and 9000, yeah, I would say that is a little low. It should still be decent (ok) quality, but it won’t be great.

guys where do you learn this stuff? wheres the best site to read tutorials? Im planning on becoming a part-time editor for my film student friends, tutorials not on the artistic sequencing of the shots but for the technical quality of the movie. Thanks in advance



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