AVI to DVD problem?



Hi , i’m having problems when converting and burning from avi to DVD (burning onto a 4.7 GB DVD - R disc)
The burnt dvd will play fine on my computer but when i put it into a standalone DVD players it freezes at regular intervals all the way through the film? it is unwatchable !
I am using cucusoft avi to dvd pro, i have used cucusoft in the past without these freezes in the dvd.
Dvd shrink was working fine for converting and then burning files. I have tested three different burners so i know it’s not my burner or my burner software.
I am now on my second brand of DVD - R discs but they still freeze and judder in my standalone dvd player . Should i try DVD R OR DVD + R.
I’m no expert but i doubt changing my media will help because the DVD’s play ok in my computer!
I thought the most likely cause could be that the settings on cucusoft were causing these errors but i doubt cucusoft would have settings that caused such a terrible mutation?
My brain is dead , please help me:doh:


Computer will play lots of stuff which stand alone will not.
You did not mention disc brand. Is your burner firmware up to date?
I would suspect it to be disc problem.
You can download Nero Speed and check the disc there. It is not 100%, but will give you an indication what is going on.


Hi CDuncle and thanks for a quick reply.
I have tried different brands and all fail; I have been copying successfully from avi to dvd for years using the same media as i am now with no problems.
I know my burning software and media discs are ok because when i am burning with other formats e.g. from video - ts to dvd there is no problem ?
I’ve checked the settings on cucusoft and everything seems to be normal, surely cucusoft would’nt enable such a terribel sort of mutation would it?


Did you have the same brand working on your stand alone before?
It would help, but not guarantee, unless it is the same batch of discs.
Do you have more than one burner to try?
I would try other burning software. ImgBurn is free and very reliable.
Export to HD and burn with that one.
What brands did you try?


I’ve tried imgburn and about three other burning softwares, none of them work… :((
i could be wrong but i don’t think it’s the discs or burning software as they are working fine with everything except when i try to convert and burn my avi files to dvd.


OK, than try other converter.


When you say “freeze”. Does it stop or you see something like pixelation.


The entire movie is wreked and unwatchable.
It plays for about 1 sec then freezes for about 3 secs all the way through the movie ! (when it cuts out or freezes there is no sound either) it’s like someone is pressing pause on my dvd player once a second!!!


From your posts it sound like it happen only with this conversion.
I would definitely try different encoder.
Also, can you run older version of that software, if it was updated, it can have a bug.


Ok i will try i different convertor , could you please reccomend me one from the link that is free (not a limited that will convert with a watermark) as most good video convertors you need to pay for
thanks chris:)


CDuncle may have some more to suggest, but there are several avi to dvd converters that I regularly recommend. AVStoDVD, FAVC and DVDFlick. Each will produce a finished dvd ready to burn. Each allows multiple avi files to be imported, and you can make a menu to select each one.

All those are free to download and use with no restrictions. All easily found via Google.


[B]Kerry[/B] gave you few good once.
Hope it works for you.


Hi, i’d just like to say thanks to CDuncle for his quick reply’s and support on this topic.
It is cucusoft, i tried a different convertor and it worked. I’m going to uninstall cucusoft then redownload and install to see if this will fix it,
if you have any more suggestions please post them


Ok , i uninstalled and deleted cucusoft then redownloaded it but now i get a windows error message saying…
Avi2 Mpeg Main has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly
windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available
So now cucusoft won’t open, what can i do to fix this proble?


After researching online it seems this error is a common problem with cucusoft. Most people seem to think the error is unfixable but one person claimed he fixed the error, this is what he said you must do…
" I’ve sorted the problem. A codec I installed didn’t have ‘mpeg 2’ ticked…
…i’m not sure how to do this at the moment so if anyone else has any ideas please post your suggestions


I have fixed the error [B][I]Avi2 Mpeg Main has stopped working[/I][/B] for cucusoft pro avi to dvd.
When installing the main codec package/ bundell (available at the cucosoft website) the video and audio codecs are greyed / uncheked.
You must check both these boxes during installation of the cucusoft codec package. Remember to first delete and uninstall the cucusoft that was not working. Then redownload cucusoft pro and enter u’r email and registration details. [B]Then[/B] download the codec package and makesure video / audio are checked.

[B]Be sure to do it in the above order[/B] ( delete current program > reinstall program again > install codecs) or it may not work!


Glad you solved the problem. Now you helped others. Great.:flower: