AVI to DVD - Possible to do @ lossless format? Only 60mins long

Hi there :slight_smile:

Sorry about the relative newbie question, but I was wondering if anyone could help me/point me in the right direction.

I have just taken a 60 min DV-camcorder video and pulled this over to my PC using firewire. I now have a 60min 11gb(!) .avi file on my pc which i would like to put onto dvd so that it can play in a standalone dvd-player.

Whats the best program to do this? I am looking for the highest quality transfer onto DVD.

I would welcome anyone’s advice on this - I’ve trauled google for many avi to dvd programs but it’s a bit of a mine-field. any recommendations would be grand. THANKS :cool:


PS. It’s a PAL uk video format.

You need the best availble encoder to do the job. I’d suggest you look at The Film Machine using CCE. Alternatively check out Canopus Procoder. Or if your up to it, check out the Tutorial section here for the AVI to DVD tutorial that uses DVD2SVCD with CCE, thats my personal favourite.

Lossless? Impossible with video…

Chickenman - thanks for the info, i’ll have a blast thru the AVI to DVD tutorial you mention ( i didnt realise that existed ).

chef - can you explain ? I’m after tranferring this DV video (currently 11Gb AVI size) to single layer DVD+R for playing on a normal tv.

Thanks for your help on this - it’s for a rather sentimental piece of video and I would like to do it as professionally/clearly as possible.

Cheers, FoX

I´ve used Adobe Premiere to edit and directly export to DVD. Seems to work well, but uses tons of memory, storage space, and takes forever (like 12 hours or more)

CM already gave a great advice for a tool. :wink:

Also check out www.videohelp.com/tools

Huh??? 11gb to a 4.7gb dvd +/- r with no loss? No sirree.However for best results use DVDShrink to reduce it down to DVD proportion then use a prog like DVDsanta to create your masterpiece.I personally use WinDVD creator 3 but it takes a lot longer than Santa.
Hope this helps.

Shrink won’t work unless the user already has an authored DVD.

This is very simple.
Your DV encoded AVI needs to be converted to MPEG2. Using a bitrate calc, 1 hour of video with 384 kbp Audio, you would need to set your video bitrate at roughly 9400 kbps. I would use 8000-8500 for the video and 256-448 for the audio. Any of the encoders CM mentioned will work. Once you have your A/V encoded, you’ll just need to author your DVD.

You could just use one of the programs that convert the .avi file to .mpeg but it sounds like you want to do some editing.

Adobe premiere is the best really. You can just import the large .avi file, edit it, and export to a file type of your choice (probably mpeg2).

Probably the only downside is that it takes some time, but hey…than you’ve got something nice.

good luck anyhow