AVI to DVD player?

Hi so I have avi files of some video footage, and I am trying to get it to play on my DVD player. I converted the dvd to .iso through visual hub, and then burned it on visual hub. But the DVD player reads no disk. Is their software I can use, or a trick to convert an avi file to a format that the dvd player can understand?
EDIT: I’m on a mac so the software would need to be mac specific! Thanks.

Avi is just a container format, and there are many different video codecs that can be used within them. Most dvd players that can play avi files need either xvid or divx video codecs in the avi file. And of course, many dvd players cannot playback avi files at all. You need to look at your player’s manual to see if it can.

If you have iDVD, you can convert the avi to dvd-video format.

I’m not a Mac user, so I’m of limited help here.