AVi to DVD (mpeg 4)




I would like to convert some AVI movies over to DVD so I can watch them on my TV Top DVD player. I usually use NeroVision Express and it works fine, but what can I use to convert AVI’s that are mpeg4 encoded?



MPEG4 is not suitable for mpeg4.
DivX is a hacked mpeg-4 type. Use VirtualDUB to recompress to any other AVI-type:



VSO divx2dvd is an easy to use good quality and fast converter. You can get it in the tools section here www.videohelp.com

never re-encode a video anymore than you have to. It’s not only time consuming but lowers the quality. You can vonvert your mpeg4 avi’s with the tool I stated above. At the site I stated above you will see the ratings of several free and excellent tools to do what you are attempting. Svcd2dvd is another good one.