Avi to DVD in Tmpeg - tmpg

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I’ve got a pile of video files - avi, DivX, MPEGs and so on. I wanted to put them onto CD & DVD depending on their size obviously, so I’ve got a demo of T-MPEG converters from the official sites.

My problem is that both of these often refuse to accept the files, saying they aren’t supported or even that they aren’t actually video files. My first thought was that it may have been a missing codec but they all play perfectly through media player or VLC, and when I checked with g-spot it said I had codecs installed for them - sometimes more than one…

Can anyone help me out as my hard disk is busting at the seams!!!

Cheers all, LD!

Have you checked the TMPGEnc guides at videohelp.com?

Hiya Chef…

Thanks for the pointer but I had no luck there either. Some of my avi files have converted perfectly - just having trouble with others. I’m struggling to think of what to put in the search boxes on these sites as a result!

As I say, some convert - some don’t. If it isn’t codecs I don’t know what else to try.

The ones I have done so far were easy enough. I just opened them from within tmpeg, set it off and went for a brew. Came back, done a little authoring and bob’s yer uncle. I wish the rest of my avi files would behave the same!!!

Any further help would be great,

Thanks again, LD!

Some avi have audio encoded with variable bitrate, and this can cause problems to mpeg encoders.

To avoid this problem, open your avi with virtualdub, save video stream and audio stream as separate files, and then charge these separate files on mpeg encoder.

Hope this can help

Thanks for that geno888… But virtual dub won’t open them either!

Had a quick look in the forums for the fault - vfw - but nothing jumped out. Looks like more searching is on the cards!

Anything else you think might do the trick I’d love to hear…

Thanks again, LD

If virtualdub is not able to open the file, maybe file is corrupt.

Are you able to open these avi with a media player? If no, probably these files are lost because unreadable.

No need to save them seperately. Open the file in VirtualDub, select “Direct Stream copy” for Video, “Full processing mode” and Compression “None” for Audio, then save the file.
Now load it into TMPGEnc etc and transcode.

Thanks for the trick, I didn’t knew :bow:

I might not understand what you are trying to do, but would suggest you take a look at DivxtoDVD at this site. http://www.lgsoftwareinnovations.com/. You can download it and use it on a trial basis. It will convert the file types you mention to DVD and you can combine multiple files into one transcode and write with either the shift or control click technique.

It’s sometimes easier and quicker this way to avoid trouble with VBR audio and muxing a+v files too. :wink: