AVI to DVD help please

Hello ,

I need to find a good and efficient way to put 350 mb avi files from divx/xvid format to Mpeg format
so that they can be viewed on a DVD player. I have used VSO DivxtoDVD to convert avi files,
which seems to work fine , but I can’t make DVD menu’s with this program.

I am using TMPGEnc and , I have managed to convert a 350 mb avi into a MONSTER
2000 MB mpeg file, this is STUPID , what is the use…

I guess one could fit about 5 or 6 , 350mb avi file (converted) on one 4.7 GIG dvd
But the question is , which program will do the job. VSO DivxtoDVD seemed to work
pretty well, however when done, it just plays all the converted file one after the other
and there is no way to create DVD menu’s. can this be done separtely or must it
be done in one program… ???

Please tell me the way to do it , We all know there is a lot of stuff out there on the web
(emule, edonkey kazaa etc) , and let’s not beat around the bush we all can do what
we want with it, in my case , I want to store it on dvd’s for later use.

And I got some moderator chastise me about getting the originals when they come out in the
stores, I mean COME on man , what realilty are you in, not ours that’s for sure

OK anyone who wants to help me , it will be greatly appreciated