Avi to dvd guide followed to a t but

it wont playback on the computer or in dvd player anyone know what i could have done wrong

Just about anything could have gone wrong. Your provided absolutely no information as to where/how to help you.

What is the AVI video & audio makup (use GSPOT), did DVD2SVCD extract the audio okay? What was the final mpeg or VIDEO_TS folder size ?

the total size in the video ts folder is 535 mb i got 2 bup files 2 ifo files and 3 vob files the audio was not extracted right when dvd2svcd converted it i checked the playback video was fine but audio was speeded up so i used ac3 machine to convert per your guide instructions what do i do with gspot

when i click on the first file in my VIDEO_TS folder to play and check everything out it wont play but if i click on the largest vob file the movie plays what gives

You click the VIDEO_TS.IFO file to PLAY the movie, assuming you have a decent player like WinDVD or PowerDVD.

i do click on the video ts ifo file and win dvd comes up but wont play but i click on the vob file that is large and it plays

I assume all the VOB, BUP and IFO files all reside in a VIDEO_TS folder (in capitals) ?

yes the file name is exactly like this VIDEO_TS and it is on the desktop then in that folder is another folder called volume one in that folder is the audio and video ts folder in the audio is nothing in the video ts is a VIDEO_TS ifo file 12kb a VIDEO_TS vob file 456 kb a VIDEO_TS bupfile 12 kb a VTS_0_1 ifo file 32kb a VTS_0_1 vob file 460kb a VTS_0_1 bup file 32kb and a VTS_0_1 vob file 192,112kb long thats all in folder

win dvd wont play it but i can use windows media player and select folder then in drop down box where it says all media files ill select all files and click the first ifo file it says format not supported but click on the large vob file and it starts playing perfectly with sound

You quote the same file twice and both are very small.

Can you run Explorer, make a new primary folder (not a sub-folder within a folder) on your HD called VIDEO_TS and copy all the VOB, IFO & BYP files in it and run it from there.

ok did what you said but before i author it with the dvd author youu said to check the file for playback i did . the original movie is bout a hour and half but the dvd author where i add my chapters says its 43 min long so i preview the movie the whole movie is there but the audio is speeded up so is the movie what does that

its like the program speeds up the movie to compress it to 43 mins from a hour and a half but the audio is nsync with the video jus speeded up

I have another problem:

I tried to convert an avi file to dvd with subs and everything was ok until conversion finished. But could not find any video_ts folder but only an mpg file WITHOUT SUBS…What went wrong???

Can you help me please…


Thanks a lot

Then you have not converted to dvd but mpeg2 format.

yes …so what i have to change??? i did what exactly say here:


What about the IFO/BUP files, were they also created??

That tutorial is set to make an ISO file which you then burn out. The mpeg files made will not have viewable subs. Suggest you burn the ISO out with DVD DEcrypter onto a DVD-RW (or +RW) and check it out from there for subs. Until you do that, you dont really know if you have a problem or not.

I’m having a similar problem. My new DVD camera came with Nero software which I upgraded to a Nero 7 demo version. Although it worked, it added annoying hiccups between each of the 14 second sections. I was unable to get Nero technical service to tell me how to eliminate the tiny gaps. So I tried editing with Adobe Encore, Video Explosion, and Video Studio 6, none of which could access the Nero Showtime files. Nor have I been able to convert them to a format that these programs can access. Do you have any advice?

Nero doesn’t make support for demo versions, nor any other company would do…