Avi to dvd guide followed but

just made a dvd of some tv episodes in avi format. everything went fine, burnt the dvd fine and it played in my computer dvd player, with menus working and everything. THEN, when i went to play it in my normal dvd player it came out black and white… :confused: does this have something to do with ntsc format or something? im in australia and thats pal isnt it? if so how can it be fixed?
loz :bigsmile:

Yep, you picked it on one, get a new TV mate. Yep, Oz is PAL.

Or try reencoding them again and in DVD2SVCD, tick the NTSC to PAL button, then continue as normal. Then they will playback fine.

tried the ntsc to pal yesterday and it worked nicely in colour, only as the episode got towards the end, the audio and video were slightly out of sync… any easy solutions for this?

Its been years since I ever got any sync problems, so your really asking the wrong person :smiley: Have a read in the Tutorial section on how to fix a/v sync issues, some are easy, some ar not.