AVI to DVD Frame Delay/Jitter/jumps using convertXtoDVD



ConvertXtodvd AVI to DVD Problem!

I’ve tried everything,…and about to shot myself,… Every time I try to convert an AVI to DVD,…the end result is the same regardless of what brand/Mfgr disc I use. The DVD-R media I am using are Verbatim 16x,Maxell 16x, Sony 16x and Phillips 16x…allresults are the same.
Using ConvertXtodvd ver.
What I get is frame hesitation from frame to frame which is hard to watch so I now have MANY coasters. Is this a frame dely problem or speed writing?

Followed the instructions in the help files of ConvertXtodvd, even tried Cucusoft which someone said would solve the problem but I still get the jitters from frame to frame. I’ve tried to copy at different speeds from Max to 2x, and same thing.
The AVI play without any problems on my computer but after they are converted,…they hesitate/jitter afterwards on the computer and well as my TV DVD palyer.
Can anyone help,…point me in the right direction. I do read and follow directions but still learning here.

Nero InfoTool reports the following configuration and drive features for both Notebook and my desk top

Desktop Firmware Version for LG Super Multi Burner A102

Buffer Size 2MB

Type DVD-RAM Recorder

Firmware Version for Dell Notebook Burner AD15

Buffer Size 2MB

Type DVD-/+R/RW DL Recorder

I can copy DVD to DVD using AntDVD and Clone DVD without a problem,…it’s just when I burn the AVI conversion to DVD that I get the frame dely problems.

Thanks for your help!! :bow:


@daves1140: It simply doesn’t do any good to just post essentially the same thing without the log.

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