Avi to DVD format



Is there a way to just copy an .avi file to a DVD without having to take the time to convert the file and all that? My DVD player will read the .avi format and play burned DVDs but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that with this program. It boasts itself as being the most user friendly program out there but I beg to differ. There is no user manual that tells you what to do and the icons within the interface are unclear and it gives you no indication of what it’s for when you scroll over it with the mouse. I bought this program hoping that it would do this simple task and I just can’t figure out how to do it. Any suggestions?


Welcome to the forums JupiterHaze. You neglected to mention exactly which program you are trying to use.

DVD players that are capable of playing avi files will normally only play those that use either the xvid or divx codecs for video. You should make certain that your avi files meet the requirements of your player before doing anything. There are limitations on resolution, bitrate, and audio. You can examine your avi files with MediaInfo to find out their characteristics.

Once you have determined that, you can burn as simple data files to the disk. Virtually any burning program can do this. I normally recommend ImgBurn…a very well respected, free burning program. www.imgburn.com


Uh, what program are you using?




Try the program Kerry56 provided a link to, just burn the avi as data. Be sure they are DivX compliant.