Avi to dvd crashing



When converting an AVI file to DVD it gets to a certain point & the PC just shuts down. Some files work fine, but I get this with other AVI’s.

So far I have tried Nero Vision, Avi 2 DVD, FAVC & DVD Flick. They all cause the PC to shut down at exactly the same point on the same files.

Droppix worked OK, but it’s only a trial version & the results weren’t as good as Nero.

Any ideas please? It’s driving me bonkers.
Many Thanks


What are your PC specs? Maybe a codec issue or bad avi files…need more details…
Do avi files in question play properly before converting?


I believe that this is heat, power, or memory related… You need to use a process of elimination to determine what it is…

The first thing I would do is open up your pc, and use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust bunnies in your pc (including power supply). Then leave the case open, and try to convert one of the avi’s which you know you have had problems with before. If that works, your problem is heat related. If not, it could be power related.

To test for power related problem, disconnect anything not needed for the avi conversion (IE unplug additional HD’s, usb devices, cd/dvd burners, and try converting your avi…

To test for memory problem, run memtest, or any of a bunch of other programs which test for memory problems or issues.


tOnee & harley, many thanks for your help. I did think it was a codec problem, but you were spot on harley, overheating.
Side panel off, full of dust & one fan not working.
Cleaned out, fan working & it’s just encoded the avi I was having the trouble with.

Many Thanks


No problem…
Just send $50.00, in a pre-addressed, stamped envelope, to…
Just kidding… Glad to be of help…