AVI to DVD Converter


I have an AVI film which I want to put onto DVD so I can play it in my DVD Player. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good AVI to DVD Converter software? Preferably free software as I’m only going to be doing this once…

And I’m sorry if this has been covered before…

Thanks for your help in advance!

… im not sure of any free program, but if your only doing this once, download the trial of nero, or winavi. Im not sure if they have a cutout point though…

there are a few free ones (couldn’t tell you which are good though). These are the all in one converters (basically takes the avi and finishes with a dvd when you are done).
If you want to do it the hard way using several programs, which usally gives beter results but is much harder (to learn to do anyway), look at some of these guides. I’m not sure which use free software only, youll just have to look through them.

I use Dvd Santa. Its a great program. You can make slideshows with pictures, add music. All sorts of things.


I use cucusoft pro to convert avi to dvd but it is not free.

Try this: VSO Divx to dvd This is the free version. The newer version add menu support and some other features. Far and away the easiest to use plus the quality is pretty good.

VSO changed the name to ConvertXtoDVD. There is a free trial version. The full version will run you about $27.00. The trial version will do the same excellent job, but will also code the disk, and [B]ConvertXtoDVD Free Trial[/B] or something like that will be on your tv screen.

Try to use WinAVI video converter,though it not free,it has the best quality and speed(in my opinion).And you can download the trial version from this: