Avi to DVD conversion

I converted a AVI movie to DVD using DVD Flick (last version)…
When I play the burned DVD it’s “jumpy” and the images are notalways smooth, the video quality and audio are pretty good.
I burned them with my Pioneer 115BK and DVD+R Verbatim…
I choose the “best” settings in “encoding profile”
I’m not sure it’s the player or the burned movie itself…

Do you recommend another freeware to convert it…
My PC is pretty powerful, so I do not think is an “equipment issue”

Any help?

Did you try to play the converted movie from hard disk? If also in HDD playback is jumpy, then there is something wrong in encoded files.

If playback from HDD is good, then there is something wrong in the burned disc.

Verbatim are excellent discs, but a bad batch can happen; likewise also a bad burned disc can cause this jumpy behavior.

Maybe you selected the wrong burning speed. Can you provide more details? :slight_smile:

,hi, I used the guide found in DVD Flick site, with best encoding settings and low speed burn.

The movie is jumpy also on the the HDD… hen converted, but the original AVI file is not.
I will try a reburn, but I would like to try with another freeware is possible.

…burned another AVI file to DVD, same issue it seems every 2 seconds frames “stop/jump” a bit…

Any other freeware simple software to conevrt, please?

There’s also AVStoDVD, ConvertxtoDVD or FAVC…You said that the video is jumpy playing from HDD…What SW player? Try VLC…
What media are you burning? NTSC or PAL?..Need more details…

… I tried VLC and WMP11, I tried a dvd player, not the one in the PC, too.
I use PAL… Verbatim DVD, Pioneer 115 burner…The specs are in my signature.
Quality is fine, audio too, but it seems every 2 secs the video hacks a bit… there is a tiny jump.

The original AVI is fine though…

Did you think to get a standalone player able to play avi movies? There are many models not too pricey, and you can save a lot of encoding time :wink:

… money can solve alot the issues :slight_smile:

I just do not know why an AVI file is OK and a converted is not, using some “suggested” tools…

If I had the intention to buy a player, I would not waste time trying to do it home. I have already 2 of them.

Anyway, thanks for the answer…

It was only a quick solution for the problem :bigsmile:

btw, if playback is bad also from HDD, then it is obvious that something went wrong during the conversion.

Before to buy a standalone able to play avi files, I used a different solution to do conversions.

I was using TMPGEnc to convert the avi into mpeg, and then TMPGEnc DVD Author to convert mpeg files into IFO-BUP-VOB. This solution always worked very well for me, but too bad both software are not free :frowning:

If I’m not wrong, however, these software are available as shareware, so you can try them and then decide if buy or not :slight_smile: