Avi to dvd BIG problem

I have a few avi files that I downloaded which I would like to convert to dvd.
I did one with no problems with nero but a couple of them won’t work. When I ‘add video files’ to nero it shuts down.
I tried nti dvd maker and that did the same. The avi file plays on the pc in media player and all other players I have. I thought I would try converting with win avi to dvd but again I get an error report and the file will not convert. I do not have a clue what is wrong, I want to put on dvd, please has anyone any idea what is wrong?


what program within the nero suite are you using? vision?

what versions of nero, nero vision, and winavi did you use?

please post EXACT error narrations and wrror logs (if it’s a LONG long then put it between CODE /CODE tags and remember to remove any serial numbers)

It’s Nero 7 ultra edition, and yes I am using vision.
I tried again with nero and made an image. I then burnt to a blank dvd and tried it on my home dvd player to view on tv. the disc was spinning for a while, then it would pause, spin a little, pause again then ‘no disc’ would appear on the player. I know the player is multi regeon.
When I try the disc on the pc it plays no problem.
I am almost sure it has something to do with the avi file, because other I have done have been ok.

Thanks in advance for all help.

You can check the codec make sure it’s nothing wrong with it.
Then make sure the avi file can be played on your pc.
About WinAVI,suggest you use v7.6,it has more progress,maybe can help you. :smiley: