AVI to DVD, best quality program

Hi, sorry if this has been answered before but the search didnt work for me.
I would like to convert AVI to DVD,
I am not too bothered about how long it takes but quality is what I am after.
I have used win AVI and dvd flick.
When I playback the burnt DVD files I get a small flicker every 2 secs or so.
It is more noticeable with win AVI and less with DVD flick, but still noticeable,
Which program converts the AVI file the best in terms of quality?

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I would say ConvertXtoDVD or a better way would be to buy a player that will play AVI’s.

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I’m sure other members will chime in with different suggestions, but ConvertXtoDVD does the trick for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will try that now…

There are many different ways to convert avi to dvd. ConvertXtoDVD is a popular choice around here, as you’ve seen, but I wouldn’t say it is the “best” quality. There may not even be a “best” solution since avi files come in so many different varieties and the mpeg encoders vary a bit in what types of conversions they excel at. Some are better at very low bitrate conversions, for example

If you want another option, look at a program called FAVC. Use the HC encoder that comes with it. You’ll also need Net 2.0 and AviSynth installed, but there are links to those at the FAVC site. It is more complicated than ConvertXtoDVD, but HC is a better encoder overall in my opinion. The other good part is that FAVC is free, and ConvertXtoDVD is not.