AVI to DVD - Best easy to use App?

Just wondering, what’s the best quality program to convert a AVI file to a DVD compatible format for normal DVD player playback?

I have Nero and that works fine, yet the quality (when I play it back on my PC) does not seem quite as good as the original AVI file was.

Which is a bit puzzling when the AVI might have been 1GB and the end DVD file is about 4GB.

Wondering, if perhaps there are other progs that may give a better final output.

I need an all in one sollution as I’m not after having to encode video and audio seperatly etc etc. Just a point and click prog.

WinAVI Video Converter seems to work ok for me.


Agree w/ easterbunny.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Will give suggested progs a try and compair their quality to each other.
I’d like to find one that performs the best.