AVI to DVD...an easy way?

I have been trying everything i can to back up some on my anime that is in avi format to dvd so i can watch it on a tv for once instead of my little compy monitor…I have used WinMPG and converted nicely to dvd format and burnt with shrink/nero…and when the dvd is placed in my computer dvd drive and played in media player everything looks great…when on a normal dvd player…the video is cut off…the size is too large or soemthing…it cuts off liek 2 inch on the top and the bottom and and inch or so on the sides too…which doesn;t work for me trying to read subtitles that are half cut off…anyone have any ideas how to fix this? please help…


sorry i forgot a step in there…after i converted i used tmpg enc to make vob etc and then burnt with shrink/nero…

Try VSO Divx to DVD.
In tmpgenc, if you dont’ have your source and destination aspect ratio’s correct, you end up with stuff cut off, or letterboxed, or worse.

Thanks for the advice that vso converts wonderfully…but after that i still seem to be losing some of the picture…not as much but how do i change the size ratio…and in what step…is it somewhere in the vso converter or in tmpg dvd author or in shrink…

try forcing the aspect ratios, so instead of choosing AUTO for source and destination, choose 16:9 for both.
Let us know if this works.


I have been encoding to 4:3 ratio…it works but when burnt cuts part off…the vso to dvd does not convert the same file to 16:9 …it has some exception and gives no output…should i try the automatic for the size?..

Tried auto…it was a little better than 4:3…but still missing some…i am going to have to buy more dvds now at this rate…

Well…i have now tried converting with nerovision express and dvdsanta…i know my problem must be user error but i have no idea what i am doing wrong still…nerovision made them look like i zoomed in and only showed the middle…nice quality but not all the picture…the dvd santa was the best so far…almost all showed…could just notice about and inch or two it cut off on the top and bottom…probably the sides two but that is harder to notice since there are no subtitles to judge the sides by like there is the bottom…any help on how to size these files right…with either program would be awesome…thanks

hmpf I’m not sure m8, I had similar problem when I was trying to watch widescreen movie it would not keep the aspect ration to 16:9 which was same as the source. On the pc it would look fine, but playing on dvd player+TV it just goes all fullscreen with the left and right sides chopped off. Eventually I got it to work, but it was not perfect.
WinAVI and VSO Caused the original Problems.
I then used the tutorial in this forum by chickenman on avi to dvdr in which the main software used was DVD2SVCD with CCE Encoder. Read the tutorial and try it. I too wanted a simple program to do it rather than wasting time, but this is also very easy to use as long as you follow the tutorial.

Try TheFilmMachine, DIKO, DVDHive, and as mentioned above, SVCD2DVD, all free.
Links to all are in the tools section at http://www.videohelp.com

An update…got film machine working with the canopus encode…and i got the sides to have a little black on them with the ratio still correct…so on a tv it has the sides right…but the size up and down is still cut off…did i just miss an setting to add a border to the bottom and top too?..


I have no idea. I don’t use “all-in-one” stuff.
Somewhere there may be a setting for source and destination aspect ratio.

reboot i think you might be right…i can not seem to find any all in one that works for me…is there an easy guide for a noob such as myself that i could follow…to make my avi anime to a dvd i could play in a regular dvd player on a normal tv…

One of the best beginner tutorials ever.

WinAVI Video Converter http://www.winavi.com

Update, the tutorial has moved.

Hi KekkyOjin,

When yoiu used Tmpgenc did you check the Source aspect ratio before setting the encode. You could do this with a free tool called avicodec. After checking the Aspect, In tmpgenc select the same ratio as shown in Avicodec
better still Forget all this and just use DVD2SVCD and select Tmpgenc as the encoder and In the Settings of D2S select same aspect as source and output the avi to Mpeg2 format for authoring the DVD.

Hope this helps.

hey thanks alot for all the help…i have been trying everything…and i think i got it finnaly to a workable state…for some reason almost all my avi’s were 680x480 ratio…what i have been doing is using tmpg enc to convert…and in that the filter option to resize…i have been manually putting in sizes a little bit smaller each time to find one that actually shows all of the picture on the screen when finished…but since tmpg makes everything 740x480 when you convert…i have used that as my starting ratio…and everything still looks right…my question is why doesn;t the it look weird sence the orginal size is 680x480 and i am useing 740x480 to resize…anyone know…or can help me understand…

What I used to do was use VirtualDub along with the Huffyuv lossless video codec to resize/crop the avi’s to the exact aspect ratio (640x480=4:3, 640x360=16:9 etc) and then use dvdSanta to encode them at that aspect ratio.

Allways worked for me.

Ben :slight_smile:

Simply because the DOT size of an AVI is not the same for an MPEG2. And by the way, its 720x480, not 740x480 :slight_smile: